7/26-30/15 US National Congress on Computational Mechanics in San Diego, CA

5/18-20/15 BMES Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference in Washington, D.C.

4/29/15 CTIR Workshop in Washington, D.C.

4/25-28/15 ACRP 2015 Global Conference in Salt Lake City, UT

4/20-21/15 2015 FDLI Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

4/16-18/15 Design of Medical Devices Conference in Minneapolis, MN

3/31-4/1/15 SEMDA Conference 2015 in Atlanta, GA

3/24/15 Case for Quality Stakeholder Forum in Washington, D.C.

3/15-17/15 AIMBE 2015 Annual Event in Washington, D.C.

2/23/15 Brookings Institution- The Future of Medical Device Safety and Innovation in Washington, D.C.

1/22/15 MDICx Series- Patient Centered Benefit-Risk Assessment: Framework & Feedback

1/12/15 CMTP Obesity Workshop in Baltimore, MD

12/16/14 DARPA ElectRx Proposer’s Day in Arlington, VA

12/9-10/14 Innovations in the Science and Practice of Clinical Trials in Rockville, MD

12/8-9/14 Medical Device Clinical Trials Conference in Chicago, IL

12/4/14 MDICx SeriesNEW teleconference series of workshops featuring emerging trends in med tech regulatory science, MDIC projects and subject matter experts sharing perspective, progress and opportunities.

11/19/14 LifeScience Alley Conference (LSA2014) in Minneapolis, MN

11/16-18/14 Partnering for Cures Conference in New York, NY

9/13-17/14 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT 2014) in Washington, D.C.

9/10/14 ANSYS Medical Device Innovation Summit in Minneapolis, MN

8/17-20/14 ASME Advanced Design & Manufacturing Impact Forum in Buffalo, NY

7/9/14 Congressional hearing on 21st Century Cures: Modernizing Clinical Trials in Washington, DC

7/9-10/14 Clinical Operations and Outsourcing in Medical Device Trials in Minneapolis, MN

6/26-27/14 MDIC Modeling & Simulation Summit in Washington, DC

6/25/14 MDIC 2014 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC

5/22/14 OCTANe’s Technology Investor Forum in Orange County, CA

5/21/14 MedTech Investing Conference in Minneapolis, MN

5/19/14 Additive Manufacturing: Medical & Healthcare Conference in Boston, MA

5/7-9/14: ASME 2014 Verification and Validation Symposium in Las Vegas, NV

4/7-10/14 Design of Medical Devices Conference featuring Bill Murray, CEO, and Dawn Bardot, PhD, Senior Program Manager, CM&S, in a regulatory science symposium

3/5/14 The Brookings Institution: Biomedical Innovation: Identifying Challenges and Prioritizing Needs in Medical Device Research and Development

1/15/14 UMN Technological Leadership Institute: Leading Trends Impacting Our Medical Device Innovation Ecosystem

Events in 2013

10/1/13 RAPS: The Regulatory Convergence

9/19/13 The Patient Preference Initiative: Incorporating Patient Preference Information into the Medical Device Regulatory Processes in Silver Spring, MD

7/9/13 The FDA and Regulatory Science in Minnetonka, MN

6/18/13 MD&M East Conference in Philadelphia, PA

Please contact us to schedule an event in your community. 

Latest News

3/16/15 MDIC’s PCBR project is mentioned in March 16th Edition of BioCentury of the 21st Century Cures Legislation

3/10/15 FDA Commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, spoke about MDIC at the Senate Committee Hearing

2/23/15 MDIC President & CEO, Bill Murray, will be presenting at Brookings Institution’s The Future of Medical Device Safety & Innovation Event

1/30/15 FDA Voice: Listening to Patients’ Views on New Treatments for Obesity  CDRH’s Jeff Shuren & Katie O’Callaghan discuss the FDA’s Patient Preferences Initiative and how it is trying to gather patient views through a variety of forums to identify and develop methods for assessing patient preferences. In addition, the post mentions the FDA’s work with MDIC on the PCBR project.

1/16/15 MDIC E-Blast, January 2015: MDICx Series & Upcoming Events

1/12/15 Bill Murray presented at CMTP‘s first workshop on the comparative effectiveness and value of weight loss treatments that builds upon the benefit-risk framework developed by the FDA.

12/17/14 MDIC Newsletter, December 2014 A year in review, project updates and upcoming events

12/8/14 MDIC Member, Ray Goodrich presented the State of the Industry Address at the Medical Device Clinical Trials Conference and mentioned MDIC in his presentation at the conference in Chicago, IL on December 8, 2014. See his State of the Industry Address.

11/21/14 MDIC E-Blast, November 2014: Case for Quality Program Manager Introduction, MDICx Series, Partnering for Cures presentation.

11/13/14 MDIC is mentioned in Medical Product Magazine for its collaboration with FDA and industry.

11/3/14 MDIC Update, November 2014 MDIC founder, Dale Wahlstrom, explains how medical device industry and FDA leaders joined forces to create the consortium.

9/11/14 MDIC Newsletter, September 2014

8/27/14 MDIC is gauging member interest in a possible initiative to explore global harmonization of clinical trial standards. If you are a member of the medical device community, please help us learn more about this issue by taking this short survey.

8/27/14 Q&A with Bennett Levitan. In a conversation with MDIC, an expert on benefit-risk assessment explains the importance of patient preferences in the development and regulatory review of drugs and medical devices.

8/15/14 FDA announces pilot program for qualification of medical device development tools

8/13/14 MDIC takes part in White House-FDA roundtable on patient data donation

7/30/14 MDIC update: Study underway on data used in clinical trials

7/16/14 The Gray Sheet: Device consortium addresses barriers to early U.S. feasibility studies, MDIC’s Murray tells Congress

7/9/14 MDIC gives Congressional testimony at a 21st Century Cures hearing on modernizing clinical trials. Watch the hearing here (MDIC president Bill Murray’s testimony begins at 29:10). Read Murray’s written testimony here.

7/1/14 MDIC Newsletter, July 2014

6/26/14 View presentations given at MDIC’s 2014 Annual Meeting.

6/12/14 Q&A with Marc Horner. In a conversation with MDIC, the technical lead for health care at ANSYS reflects on current and future applications for modeling and simulation, from hip replacements to cerebral aneurysms.

5/22/14 MDIC update

5/9/14 MDIC update

4/28/14 MDIC awarded funding for research on patient-centered device development

4/21/14 MDIC update

3/19/14 Bloomberg BNA: MDIC “off to a very good start,” FDA’s Hamburg says

3/14/14 MDIC Newsletter, March 2014

3/10/14 Compass Magazine: SIMULATING HUMANS: 3D modeling opens new research pathways in medicine

2/3/14 The Gray Sheet: Device innovation consortium plans to finish patient-centered project this year

Focused on the Medical Device Industry

MDIC is the only public-private partnership (PPP) focused exclusively on the strategic needs of the medical device industry. MDIC is designed to create a collaborative environment where the industry, nonprofit organizations, and government can work together to advance pre-competitive medical device research so that the medical device community can keep pace with the needs of patients in the United States in a more timely manner.

Focused on Regulatory Science

Regulatory science refers to the development and evaluation of new tools, methods, standards, and applied science that support a better understanding and improved evaluation of product safety, quality, effectiveness, and manufacturing throughout the product life cycle.

Focused on Improving Health

MDIC has been formed to add value at the intersecting needs of the medical device industry, the FDA, and the related organizations that are together responsible for a vibrant medical device industry that serves the public health needs of the United States.