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Case for Quality Open Forum

July 20, 2017

Welcome – Bill Murray and Beth Staub | Video

Keynote: Progress on the MDIC National Evaluation System for health Technology (NEST) Coordinating Center – Rachael Fleurence | Video

Real-World Evidence: A CDRH Perspective – Karen Ulisney | Video

Update: CDRH Voluntary Program Proposal – Robin Newman | Video

Preview of the October 10 CDRH Public Meeting on the Case for Quality and the proposed voluntary program – Cisco Vicenty | Video

Panel Discussion: Value Proposition of the CDRH voluntary program | Video

Keynote: Cultural Engineering: Developing a Customer-Centric DNA – John Timmerman | Video

Update MDIC CfQ Analytics | Video

Update MDIC CfQ Maturity Model | Video

Case for Quality Open Forum Focused on CfQ Working Groups and Adoption Plan Recommendations

October 26, 2016


MDIC Maturity Model– George Serafin, Vizma Carver, Becky Fitzgerald, Cisco Vincenty

Medical Device Quality Metrics – Marla Philips and Kristen McNamera

Competency working group update – Pat Baird and Pat Shafer

Product Quality Outcomes Analytics working group update – Ann Ferriter and Mike Schiller

Video demonstration of the Product Quality Outcomes Dashboard

Best practices to improve quality in medical devices – Steve Silverman and Vanya Telpis

MDIC Case for Quality Change Adoption Plan – Sean Boyd, George Serafin and Dwight Abouhalkah

Leadership’s Role in Creating a Quality Culture – Veronia Cruz

CDRH Quality Metrics Project – William MacFarland, Vesa Vuniqi & Roxane Modares
– Draft Language on Proposed Metrics for Pilot


Case for Quality Open Forum Focused on Product Quality Metrics

June 28, 2016

Medical Device Quality Metrics – Xavier Health/Xavier University

Metrics at Boston Scientific – Engelke & Dunbar

Value of Quality Metrics – Shkolnik

Metrics – Holmes

FDA Quality Metrics Project – MacFarland


Case for Quality Open Forum

May 10, 2016

May 10, 2016 – Case for Quality Open Forum Replay

May 10, 2016 – Case for Quality Open Forum Presentations


Case for Quality Open Forum

October 8, 2015


2015 Oct 8 – MDIC CfQ Open Forum – Fiorino

Competency Status Update 20151008 v0 – Sapiente

FDA Case for Quality Forum Oct 2015 – Staub n Sapiente

MDIC_CfQ Analytics_AdvaMed_2015_10 – Conrad

MDIC_Open Forum_Quality System Maturity Model_Oct 08 2015 – Serafin

October 8 MDIC Meeting – San Diego.rev2 – Phillips

Case for Quality Open Forum

June 24, 2015


Webinar Presentation