Submit a Project

MDIC projects are conducted in the precompetitive space and support these objectives:

  • Advance the field of medical device regulatory science and its acceptance and use by the device industry.
  • Promote collaboration and innovation among the Medical Device Stakeholders.
  • Create scientific tools that will assist Medical Device Stakeholders in developing new medical device products and in assessing the safety and effectiveness, quality, and performance of these products.
  • Provide education about the medical device regulatory process.
  • Provide education about the needs of the medical device community that will increase the throughput of innovation.
  • Make the medical device regulatory process more expeditious, transparent, and effective.
  • Work to make state-of-the-art health care technology available to those who need it with a goal of making U.S. patients “first in the world” with access.
  • Validate and qualify new methods, tools, approaches, and standards so that CDRH will adopt them as part of the regulatory process.

Project concept submission process:

Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis and final project approval is made by the MDIC Board of Directors.

Approval of a project concept is based:

  • Clarity of the objective.
  • Alignment with MDIC objectives.
  • Broad member organization support.
  • Feasiblity and potential to generate multi-stakeholder funding.
  • Resource availability to support the project.