Thank you for considering MDICx as a platform for your presentation.

MDIC presents an informative series of online teleconference workshops, the MDICx series, featuring emerging trends in medical technology regulatory science, MDIC projects, and subject matter experts sharing perspectives, progress and opportunities.

The goal of MDICx is to further MDIC’s mission to expand and develop regulatory science. Read FDA’s Regulatory Science Priorities document to better understand the scope and meaning of regulatory science. MDICx presentations are not sales pitches. We allow only the first and last slides to contain company and product logos, contact information, and branding. We will, however, consider presentations on new tools and services if they are useful to the world of regulatory science.

MDICx presentations should be either 30 or 60 minutes long.

Applications undergo periodic review by MDIC staff. Acceptance is contingent upon whether or not the presentation meets MDIC’s objectives. If your presentation is accepted, we will contact you via the information you provide to schedule an MDICx event.

MDICx events are recorded and a video archive is available online after the event. As such, we cannot accept presentations with proprietary or confidential information that can’t be shared with the public.

MDIC is under no obligation to accept or present any information included in this form. All information submitted through this form becomes the property of MDIC.

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