February 25, 2019

Dr. Marc Horner, MDIC’s Blood Damage Modeling Working Group Chair, will discuss the Blood Damage Modeling project updates and future directions at the BMES/FDA Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference: The Role of Digital Evidence to Support Personalized Patient Healthcare on March 19-21, 2019 at the College Park Marriott Hotel and Conference Center at the University of Maryland.

This conference will provide a forum for participants involved in the development and evaluation of medical devices to meet and share their expertise, establish collaborations, and discuss strategies to effectively utilize computational modeling to support patient care and improve final outcomes.

MDIC’s Blood Damage Modeling Working Group was established in 2014 to explore the opportunity for computational modeling as a regulatory science tool to augment safety evidence for medical devices. The focus area of the Working Group is the in-silico evaluation of mechanical blood damage, specifically hemolysis, and thrombosis. The Working Group is comprised of computational modelers and experimentalists from FDA, medical device manufacturers, and nonprofits. The group working in close collaboration to generate data, develop and/or evaluate computational models using experimental systems that can assess and predict blood damage under a variety of conditions and to provide measures of precision and multi-laboratory reproducibility. MDIC’s Data Science & Technology Program Director, Dr. Jithesh Veetil, will be available at the conference to discuss various initiatives and opportunity for collaborations.