March 22, 2021

MDIC is launching a working group on the evaluation of Medical Extended Reality Devices (MDIC MXR WG). Extended Reality (XR) encompasses augmented and virtual reality and is being explored for a wide range of medical applications including rehabilitation, mental health therapies, pain management, diagnostics, surgery, and image-guided interventions. While these applications present exciting possibilities for advancements in the medicine, XR devices also raise important evaluation questions for the technology and the specific applications. The goal of the working group is to address some of the open evaluation questions that impede the safe and effective adoption of XR technologies in medicine.

MDIC invites technical SMEs and regulatory affairs professionals from the following stakeholder groups to be part of this working group:

  • FDA
  • Other federal agencies
  • AR/VR software developers and device manufacturers
  • Clinical institutions
  • Professional associations
  • Standard development organizations
  • Academic research groups
  • Patients/Patient advocacy groups

You can sign up here to join the WG and to receive an invitation to join the WG kick off call scheduled for April 20, 2021. To learn more about the MDIC MXR WG, visit our website.