August 21, 2019

MDIC, FDA and Digital Pathology Association (DPA) are working to prioritize the areas of Digital Pathology and AI where MDIC can bring industry, users, government, insurance companies, and patients together to collaboratively work on several new projects. This alliance aims to work on:

  • Temporary framework to synergize and tackle larger scale projects
  • Harmonizing & standardizing a reference set to be used in end to end workflow by:
    • Creating tools and datasets
    • Progressing and enabling market access
    • Creating clarity on regulatory pathways via mock submissions
    • Harmonizing efforts between various stakeholders to optimize interoperability, integration and implementation

A successful initial meeting was held at the FDA on July 18, 2019. Over 50 attendees from various entities were in attendance. Attendees shared an interest to encourage innovation and commercialization by developing evaluation tools, methods and standards, and clarifying regulatory pathways in digital pathology and specifically in the AI space were present. A temporary alliance has been established between the different participating entities with the intent to grow the alliance to incorporate additional stakeholders. We encourage your participation as we develop project aims and deliverables. If you’re interested in this new effort, please contact MDIC program directors Jithesh Veetil or Carolyn Hiller for more information on how to get involved.