July 10, 2024

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Top Strategies for Achieving Market Access and Reimbursement for New Medical Technologies

MDIC’s Health Economics and Patient Value Program has released its Top 10 Strategies for achieving market access and reimbursement for successful commercialization and widespread adoption of new products, services, or offerings. In the rapidly evolving landscape of medical technology, companies often face challenges navigating complex reimbursement environments and securing payer acceptance while demonstrating the clinical and economic value of their innovations.

Without a strong reimbursement strategy, even the most innovative technologies can struggle to reach their intended market and patients. By taking into consideration the top 10 strategies in this quick reference guide and integrating them into commercialization planning, companies can better position themselves to overcome these challenges, ensuring their products achieve sustainable market penetration and reimbursement success. This proactive approach addresses needs of diverse stakeholders, from payers to healthcare providers, ultimately providing broad patient access to new technologies.

Looking for more reimbursement resources? MDIC recently partnered with leading industry experts to review key components of developing a successful reimbursement strategy in a three-part series of informational videos. These videos highlight how to achieve commercial product success by securing favorable payer coverage, coding, and payment for new technologies.