If you are joining MDIC for the first time, please contact MDIC for an application and to confirm eligibility.

If you are renewing your MDIC membership, you will need an invoice from MDIC. Please contact us so we can send you an invoice and renew your membership.

Yes, there are annual membership fees for each different type of membership. These fees are calculated on a company or organization’s annual revenue within the medical device and dianogistic, regulatory science area. For more information, please contact the membership department.

The membership department can help make changes to your account. To make changes, please complete the membership contact form.

MDIC provides its members with an active seat at the table to provide guidance and leadership through collaboration on regulatory, scientific, and patient value challenges within the medical device and diagnostic industry. Our members shape the future of healthcare by providing subject matter expertise to working groups aimed at advancing approaches that promote patient access to innovative medical technologies.

MDIC members are leaders in the medical technology industry. MDIC focuses on providing patients access to innovative medical technologies so many of our members are companies that can help us serve this mission. Member organizations are substantially involved in medical and/or medical device research, development, treatment, or education; the promotion of public health; or expertise in regulatory science.

For a list of our member companies, see our Members Page.

MDIC currently offers membership to companies and organizations only. Membership is available for the following categories:

  • Medical Device
  • Diagnostics
  • HealthIT
  • Digital Health
  • Academic Institutions
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Payers
  • Non-profit
  • Patient Advocacy Groups