Accelerated by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the use of digital health tools has dramatically transformed the process of developing and utilizing medical devices and digital health tools for the patient’s benefit. The Digital Health Survey was constructed to identify and highlight digital health tools’ success, challenges, and opportunities in the healthcare continuum. This survey consisted of a series of questions tailored to specific stakeholders: patients, providers, payers, hospital systems, medical device manufacturers, investigators, and MedTech/Other, and prompted them to share their perspective on the use of digital health tools in their lens. At the end of the survey, participants were encouraged to participate in an interview call to dive deeper and share specific examples of their experiences.  

With the closing of the survey, over 200 unique individual responses from various stakeholders and fifteen interviews were conducted. Through the survey results and the interviews, overall themes were identified, providing an overview summary highlighting the trends and themes based on the information gathered. This presentation slide will be the first output of the Digital Health Survey. A full report of the Digital Health Survey, which includes further details and recommendations, will be available soon. 

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