August 1, 2022

MDIC’s Patient Advisory Group (PAG) developed this survey to collect your feedback regarding the processes and mechanisms you use to engage with patients throughout the total product lifecycle (TPLC).

NOTE: The focus of the survey is on patient engagement and the use of patient personas in the product development process.  We are not asking for responses related to patient support initiatives regarding adverse events or general questions.

The Patient Engagement Survey aims to understand current patient engagement and how patient input is considered in the pre-market and post-market phases of medical devices.

The survey was created in collaboration with SPI’s Patient Preference Information working groups. The PAG and Patient Preference Information (PPI) teams will analyze survey results to understand the needs and challenges of MDIC member organizations regarding patient engagement. The results will also be used to develop the Patient Advisory Group initiatives and provide input for landscaping and understanding current patient engagement opportunities along the total product lifecycle.

To start the survey, click here.