Medical Extended Reality Summit

Advancements in Technology, Applications, and Regulatory Science

April 16-17, 2024

Hyattsville, MD
College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center


Join FDA, Industry leaders and MDIC in this exciting two-day regulatory science conference! #MXR2024 will bring together leaders in Augmented/Virtual/Mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) who are focusing on healthcare applications. Learn about technological advances, current medical applications, drivers of innovation and adoption, and recent regulatory advances in the field of medical extended reality (MXR).

Goals of #MXR2024

  • An update to FDA 2020 Workshop on MXRWhat has changed? Where are we? Progress? What are the big challenges that we face today? How to address the challenges? 
  • Discuss challenges to implementation: Innovative MXR devices are not transitioning effectively from the development stage to clinical use and widespread adoption. 
  • Provide a neutral space for stakeholder representatives from industry and regulators in AR/VR/MR.
  • Identify a roadmap to accelerate MXR innovation and adoption by clarifying evaluation challenges and solutions.
  • Develop an ecosystem to bring disparate components together, facilitate synergies between stakeholders across the total product lifecycle. 

Who Should Attend #MXR2024

Medical device industry professionals

  • Quality & Regulatory (QA/RA) professionals, including those who are responsible for regulatory and economic strategy or implementation of AR/VR/MR
  • Technology experts that are making advances in the MXR space through new technology or use cases

Platform developers 

Regulatory Affairs and policy professionals from industry and government 

  • FDA Review and research teams related to AR/VR/MR technology
  • Government and private Payors as well as Reimbursement subject matter experts 
  • Government professionals that have direct input to standards and policies related to MXR

Healthcare professionals

  • Early adopters of AR/VR/MR technology in their practice
  • Those who have used AR/VR/MR but are curious to learn more

Patients and Patient Advocates

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