May 23, 2024

MDIC Commercial Payer Council Releases Q2 Key Insights Summary

MDIC Commercial Payer Council Q2 Key Insights Summary — Download Your Copy

The MDIC Commercial Payer Council has released its Key Insights summary from the second quarterly meeting, held on April 2, 2024. Convened by MDIC’s Health Economics and Patient Value (HEPV) program, the meeting brought together a diverse group of executives and experts. Attendees included representatives from an integrated healthcare delivery network and payer, a device company, a health plan, a health technology assessment organization, a law firm, and consultants specializing in health policy, market access, and reimbursement.

The discussion focused on two critical topics:

1. Utilization Management (UM), Prior Authorization (PA), and Health Equity in Medicare Advantage Experts examined how UM and PA processes impact health equity within Medicare Advantage plans. Strategies to mitigate disparities and improve patient access to necessary treatments were a focal point, highlighting the need for more inclusive and efficient coverage processes.

2. The Impact of New Obesity Drugs on the Medical Device Industry With the rise of new obesity drugs, the Council discussed their implications for the medical device industry. Payers provided their views on current trends in obesity drug coverage and the potential future landscape, offering insights into how these developments might affect device manufacturers and their strategies.

These key insights are designed to assist professionals in the device and digital health technology sectors in developing effective strategies and pathways for collaboration with commercial payers. By understanding the nuances of utilization management and the evolving obesity drug market, stakeholders can better navigate the complexities of healthcare reimbursement and market access.

Download the Commercial Payer Council’s Q2 Key Insights

Download the Commercial Payer Council’s Q1 Key Insights

For further information regarding the MDIC Commercial Payer Council and how to get involved, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Harry Kotlarz, Vice President of HEPV, via email at