August 30, 2022

The CfQ Program is a dynamic collaborative exchange and engagement of diverse experiences and professional insights in advancing innovation to the forefront of patient safety and accessibility. Below are some examples of current work groups moving the dial forward in that quest.  

Volunteer Improvement Program (VIP) 

The CfQ VIP Program involves working groups engaged in strategic adoption and sustaining initiatives for exploring potential regulatory flexibilities that provide incentives for industry participation, enable quality improvement, and streamline processes. These working groups also ideate possible new regulatory flexibilities that encourage expanded VIP adoption, while providing least burdensome oversight that maintains FDA regulatory standards for safe and effective products while affording continual quality improvement. 

Leadership Engagement 

 The Leadership Engagement program was developed to understand the impact of leadership engagement on company performance and the quality and safety of its products. While the focus of the program is to advance the medical device industry, the principles apply to all industries.  

During the June CfQ the Leadership Engagement team presented the benchmarking quality metrics survey results conducted earlier this summer which was open to companies representing all industries with a goal to:  

  • Determine the level of use of metrics in managing businesses 
  • Identify companies’ objective for using metrics 
  • Understand the effectiveness of the metrics 
  • Understand what metrics are being used
  • Benchmark and analyze the most effective use of metrics 

Please feel free to reach out to if you are interested in volunteering for these workgroups or would like information on some of the numerous projects within the CfQ Program.