Case for Quality Forum – Leadership Engagement & Voluntary Improvement Program (VIP)

Case for Quality Forum

Leadership Engagement & Voluntary Improvement Program (VIP)

MDIC‘s June Case for Quality Forum, hosted virtually June 14-15, focused on Leadership Engagement and the highly innovative and quality focused Voluntary Involvement Program (VIP).

Two Days, Four High Quality Sessions, Countless Opportunities to Collaborate and Learn

Participants engaged with industry leaders, gained key insights and advanced their knowledge in a collaborative, solution-focused environment.

Want to learn more about the Case for Quality Initiative? Visit the CfQ to see a project overview, history of the program and key deliverables produced.

Day 1

Day 1 | June 14

MDIC, in collaboration with the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) launched a pilot version of the pilot version of the Voluntary Improvement Program (VIP) in 2018. In May of 2021, MDIC’s Case for Quality In collaborative community (CFQcc) announced the transition of the VIP from a pilot to a full program.

VIP is a highly innovative and quality focused program that empowers stakeholders across the medical device ecosystem to both improve quality and patient outcomes.

On behalf of the Case for Quality Collaborative Community and in recognition of the one-year anniversary of its transition from pilot to full program, the programming of this forum will highlight the success stories of participants since their enrollment, benefits of the appraisal program and more. Join us for Day 1 of the Case for Quality Forum to hear these exciting updates and their implications for the industry.


FDA Program Update

VIP Participant Success Stories

ISACA Presentation

VIP Working Groups Update


Day 2

Day 2 | June 15

Join MDIC for the Case for Quality Leadership Engagement Forum to gain the latest insights into how the medical device manufacturers are producing higher quality products, how leadership involvement affects the quality of outputs and an interactive analysis of the recent CfQ community Leadership Engagement Benchmarking Survey.

The Leadership Engagement program was developed to understand the impact of leadership engagement on company performance and the quality and safety of its products. While the focus of the program is to advance the medical device industry, the principles apply to all industries. This forum will discuss the results of the Leadership Engagement Survey.

Welcome and Introductions

Joe Sapiente, Francisco Vicenty, Ravi Nabar

FDA Introduction

  • FDA Quality Metrics perspective
  • Leadership engagement in metrics towards driving continuing improvement

Leadership Presentation

  • CfQ Metrics Survey (Pat Shafer, FTI Consulting)
    • Overview
    • Background
    • Scope & Purpose
    • Methodology
  • CfQ Metrics Survey Results (Jacqueline Torfin, Leadership Consulting & George Zack)
    • Raw results
    • Analysis
    • Take aways (Interpretation)
  • Conclusions

Industry Guest Speakers (Metrics Experiences Highlight)

  • Lisa Walker, DISH
  • John Kelly III, IBM-Watson
  • Jim Brunke, Boeing

Case for Quality Collaborative Community Leadership Presentation

  • Gap Analysis of leadership engagement/ metrics in the device industry when benchmarked to other industries
  • Future opportunities / Recommendations


  • Panel (60 mins, Virtual, – Leadership and guest speakers, Moderator: Jacqueline Torfin)
    • Francisco Vicenty, FDA-CDRH
    • Lisa Walker, DISH
    • Jim Brunke, Boeing
  • Discussion/ questions centered around survey results
  • Significance/ importance of metrics in today’s environment
  • Leadership engagement in metrics towards driving continuing improvement
  • Audience Q&A

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