November 18, 2020, Virtual

Join us for MDIC’s Virtual Patient Engagement Forum on November 18, 2020!

MDIC’s Virtual Patient Engagement Forum will provide opportunities to virtually engage with patients, patient groups, medical device industry, investigators, healthcare providers, payers and regulators to learn and share challenges and best practices for communicating uncertainty, benefit and risk of medical devices to patients. Our two Interactive Activities will take place in breakout rooms and allow attendees to discuss the current challenges in communications these difficult topics and then brainstorm possible solutions based on learnings throughout the forum.

During the forum, you will hear directly from experts on practices for communicating benefit, risk and uncertainty, and mediums to communicate such as shared-decision making and device labeling to understand how engaging patients can help tailor effective messaging. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear directly from patients on their perspectives and first-hand experience with these types of communications.