2019 EFS Best Practices Workshop

March 6-7, 2019

The first EFS workshop of 2019 focusing on site best practices took place on March 6th & 7th at the MDIC offices located in Arlington, VA. In this workshop, sponsors, EFS sites, and regulators gathered over a two-day period to discuss:

• Managing risk, SAEs, & IRB reporting
• Timely & Effective Contracting-Sites Achieving 60/60/60 or Better
• Budgeting between EFS Sites and Sponsors
• EFS Staffing and Resources-Patient Identification, Enrollment, & Retention
• Coverage Determinations & Site Budgets.

Throughout the workshop, Sponsors and Sites gave their perspectives of best practices for EFS clinical studies. Sponsors highlighted the importance of collaborating with the FDA to structure protocols for quick patient enrollment and conducting site qualification visits early prior to protocol finalizations. From the site perspective, the importance of working with highly engaged and qualified research staff, as well as collaborating with IRB, was emphasized as key points to improve the launch of an EFS clinical study.

Workshop Materials:
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Individual Event Materials:

Agenda & List of attendees

Workshop Overview | Chip Hance, MDIC EFS Initiative Board Champion

EFS Overview | Andrew Farb, MD, FDA, CDRH

EFS Value to Innovation | Rick Geoffrion, Mitralign, Inc.

EFS Best Practices: Importance of Identifying Them | Martin Leon, MD, Mayo Clinic

Session II: Timely & Effective Contracting | Jaime Walkowiak, BSWI

Session III: Budgeting Between EFS Sites and Sponsors

Learnings From Sites Achieving “60:60:60” or Better | Beth Wilson, OHSU

Learnings From Sites Achieving “60:60:60” or Better | Lynne Goodreau, Northwestern

EFS in the context of FDA Priorities and Initiatives | Bram Zuckerman, MD, FDA, CDRH

Session V: Patient Identification, Enrollment, & Retention | Sara Vidmar, preCARDIA

Session V: Patient Identification, Enrollment, & Retention | Necole Kell, BSWRI

Session VI: Coverage Determination & Site Budgets | Jill Trekell, Edwards Lifesciences

Conclusions & Next Steps

Full Event PDF Packet:

2019 EFS Best Practices Materials