On Oct 1, 2018, The Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC) released a report encouraging the adoption of coordinated vulnerability disclosure (CVD) policies by medical device manufacturers (MDMs) in an effort to promote medical device cybersecurity and patient safety. MDIC collaborated with Debevoise & Plimpton LLP and Alvarez & Marsal on the creation of the medical device cybersecurity report which addresses the importance of CVD policies for MDMs and stakeholders across the medical device ecosystem, including the creation of publicly available online portals to solicit vulnerability information. This MDICx webinar highlights the various feedback obtained during interviews with large and small medical device companies, leading security researchers, representatives of medical device trade associations, and FDA officials. Speakers will also provide an assessment of publicly available information issued by FDA and other stakeholders.

This MDICx webinar on CVD is intended to be used solely for informational purposes to promote and inform cybersecurity discussions among stakeholders in the medical device ecosystem.


  • Suzanne Schwartz (FDA)
  • Randy Schiestl (Boston Scientific)
  • Jeremy Feigelson (Debevoise)
  • Paul D Rubin (Debevoise)
  • Luke Dembosky (Debevoise)
  • John deCraen (Alvarez & Marsal)

Video coming soon.